About Us

We are about ideas: conjuring them or being open to new ones; turning them into films, businesses, or simply bringing awareness to ones we appreciate. Entertaining Ideas is one part film/TV studio & one part business incubator.

We know that everything begins with an idea. Beyond the inspiration comes the work, and satisfaction, of turning those ideas into realities.

We believe that the greatest opportunity to address issues meaningfully lies at the nexus of business, government, and informed and empowered individuals. This is where you will find Entertaining Ideas — providing a platform for ideas, creating content that is both entertaining and purposeful, exploring topics highly relevant to our world today and working toward solutions that transform ideas into actions.

We care deeply about the environment, animal rights, human rights, education, politics, and the economy.

Our mission: Working to create a better quality of life for all beings — human and animal — on this planet.